Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things should be easier soon

Things should be easier soon, because Sasaya just bought a scanner/printer combo from target, on sale for $50. even though she didn't really have the $50. lol.

but anyway, once my house is clean, i can set up the scanner/printer and get started scanning superior at my leisure. it's a hassle to have to go to the school library and use their scanners, so this will be good.

fingers crossed that it works.

and to the person who emailed me, you are super sweet, and i was really touched by your letter <3!!!


    I was so sad when Janimes stopped scanlating them.
    I'm so glad you picked it back up again.
    Superior is one of my most favorite mangas.
    really THANK YOU SO MUCH <33333

  2. Scanner/printer sounds nice.. I need one too..
    I got a scanner/printer/photocopier/fax machine once.. It's handy 4 in 1 but when one of the four breaks down, all of'em don't work.. Shucks..
    Anyway, back to topic... Thanks for updating us.. ^^

  3. you guys are so awesome. Words can't express how grateful I feel towards you guys. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow, I am very happy to have stumbled upon this manga. I simply love it. Thats about all I can say. Thanks for going through all the trouble for us leechers, and kudos to you for just plain translating an amazing manga! Cheers!

  5. thank you so much!!! i love Superior!
    By the way i hope things go get easier for you. It sounds like you've had a tough year.

  6. i know we fans are very selfish but really thank you for superior. its a great manga and i love it alot. i know your having a hard time and im sorry. i hope things get better for you! :D

  7. Thank you so much for picking up Superior! It truly is a great Manga and you are awesome for keeping it alive! XD

  8. I'm very grateful that you guys decided to pick up on this project. It's definitely one of my strong favourites. If you need some help with cleaning the raw pages, I can try and help out. I've got decent skills with photoshop and wouldn't mind cleaning a few chapters up to help speed up the process. I'm sorry if that's a bit too forward. Anyways, here's my email if you ever need someone to help out :)

    Thanks for all your hard work, btw. It's greatly appreciated!

  9. I can also help something.

    I can translate japanese and can use photoshop to help the process.

  10. Really, thanks a lot for translating this manga!!!I can't describe my huge feeling of gratitude with words, but, anyway, thanks! thanks! thanks!!!)))And i am so happy cause now your work will be much faster, and that means more Superior! I love this manga a lot, again thanks!

  11. Go go go and give us more!!!! :]
    Thank you very much for translating/scanning Superior, the manga is great but your work is even greater!
    Hope to read another chapter soon.
    Your greatest fan :]

  12. OMG, ty for scanning Superior, it's my favorite manga and i just recently started reading it too, good to know that someone is still keeping it up to date

  13. omg i am soo happy someone picked up this manga. i feel a werid connection to this manga because last thursday the 13th i fainted at school.(-.- for stupid hormonal issues)(sucks to be a girl)anways i felt like crap and had a headache for 4 days durning that time thanks to a little RSS update from my favorite site i was drawn to this manga! thankyou for the entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. hope that goodbuys paypal account still works... just sent $50 to help cover the scanner.

  15. THANK YOU for doing this!!! A lot of people appreciate your hard work in translating (like me) !!!

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