Friday, January 30, 2009


whoo Friday update

thank you for the donations! This helps out sasaya

When I get the raws from Sasaya I will start working on them later this week

Also if you feel like you need to post the chapter somewhere else please post something here first


  1. Thanks again for another release. ♥♥♥

  2. =( i'm really sorry guys~ I have been swamped, so i can't guarantee that i will get the raws up in time; school/work have to come first. But after the 1st saturday of february, I should be okay to get it done much better. I'm really sorry though :'(

  3. no ones perfect ^^ so as you supply at least once a month [to make sure i know you havnt abandoned it ;)]... <3


  4. Couple of suggestions:
    1. for no bubble text, you can go into blending options and stroke around it with white for easier reading.
    1. Level your whites more, there are still text bubbles with a bunch of gray in them and quite a bit of dust, your blacks could also use a bit more leveling. As for Sasaya, I recommend debinding the book if you want higher quality raws, but that is up to you and whether or not you want to ruin the book.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thanks a lot for the really quick work. Superior is a really great story when half a chapter is not made up of full page panels.

  7. Fushi I do the level but when I messed with it myself it didn't get want I wanted, so I have been having adobe do it for me automatically, and It looks pretty good. The raws are not like other raws I have seen so its hard to level them. I will be working on the Blending options to get the white outline on the text

    For sasaya to ruin the book I would rather buy my own book and ruin that one instated of having her doing the translation and the scanning

  8. Gutts: Try changing it from RGB to Gray. Goto mode --> Grayscale

    I can tell some of your pages are on color.

  9. Im that anon ^

    Heres two pages. all i did was change it to gray and level it. 10 seconds each, max. 37 38

  10. thanks for release guys

  11. thank you anony ^^
    I will remake the chapter doing that once I get the rest of the pages

  12. Thank you for doing this series.

    I love this series but no one except you are doing it...


  13. Hi guys.
    Thank you sooo much for this. I love Superior really much. I've been reading it from the beginning.
    Maybe I can help with something.
    I know japanese, not on the highest level. but let's say on a mid level.
    And I can also edit pages with photoshop a little. So if you want help give me a mail ( ) and we'll give it a try.

  14. Hi! Many thanks to everyone for picking up Superior.

  15. thanks u guys!
    Chap1c is great!^^

  16. Thanks for the translation!

    you guys are doing great, I'm so glad someone is willing to pick up this manga again :D

  17. "Also if you feel like you need to post the chapter somewhere else please post something here first"
    I have posted a link of what you have translated so far, as one file, on Cireus Anime.
    I hope you don't mind.

  18. I could kiss you all just for scanlating. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!1

  19. Haaaa~ thanks so much for picking up this manga~

    It's true your releases aren't top-notch-looks-shiny-and-professional stuff, but it's fine just considering how much effort you put into it ^^ I dunno, it just makes me happy. So, thanks so much for the releases, looking forward to more, and I'm sure your quality will improve.

  20. Wow, so fast! Thanks a lot guys! <3
    And that smirk on the last page.... she did something to Sheila, did she not? D:

  21. thanks so much for the release! i can't wait to find out what happens next XD

  22. Hi, I'd like to post your releases on I hope it'll be ok with you.
    I've put the link of the page in the name/url.

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